News: OUCH. Could Embedded LEDs Be the New Tattoo?

OUCH. Could Embedded LEDs Be the New Tattoo?

A new study from John Rogers of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign promises an exciting new tech-chic addition to the world of body modification: flexible, implantable LEDs that would radiate sub-dermal luminescence. Just imagine the possibilities.

OUCH. Could Embedded LEDs Be the New Tattoo?

Rogers' study also poses potential uses that could benefit society in perhaps more useful ways:

"Potential biomedical applications for the LEDs include implantable patches for monitoring wound healing, for use in diagnosis or spectroscopy, or to control the delivery of drugs triggered by light in photodynamic drug therapy. They could also be used in light-emitting sutures or implantable illuminated plasmonic crystals, and may find application in robotics."

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Every day we move one step closer to the world of Shadowrun. Let's just hope the dragon doesn't show up too soon!

i would love to have an LED tatto, i would put it on my biceps

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