HowTo: Vattoo Your Vajayjay

Vattoo Your Vajayjay

It's official. Vajazzling is out, Vatooing is in. Just when you thought there couldn't be something trashier than vajazzling, a new season brings about vatooing. You can now treat your vagina to a temporary tattoo.

(Not familiar with Vajazzling? Where have you been? It's the act of adorning your vagina with Swarovski crystals, made famous by Jennifer Love Hewitt...)

HowTo: Vattoo Your Vajayjay

Vatooing isn't permanent (it lasts about seven days). Apparently it's not about sex, either (no friction or bye bye vatoo). So what's it all about? Self-love, or so says one of the girls in the video below. Yes, that would be masturbation. Turned on by your own vagina tattoo. Whoa. Cannot relate. At all.

If you're so inclined, the practice is officially called Inked by Completely Bare and is available in their NYC and Scarsdale spas for $115.

HowTo: Vattoo Your Vajayjay

HowTo: Vattoo Your Vajayjay

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