How To: Make a tattoo gun out of an electric toothbrush

Make a tattoo gun out of an electric toothbrush

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"novelty purposes only"----- That kind of takes the fun out of a tattoo gun.

if some one was to use this on real skin wot type of ink would u use does any one know ? if so then please leave a comment thanx also if i make sum homemade tats il post a video on this site.

Wow... you gotta have some sack to use that.

can u use philips sensi flex tooth brush? or does it have to be the exact same one?

it doesnt rly matter....o-o

can u use any electric toothbrush? i have a philips sensiflex.. will it be good enough?

Try to get real tattoo ink but the guys in prison just just use ashes mixed with something like shampoo

thanks dude. now ill have money to buy cigarettes in prison with this little trick! can u post how to make a shank out of a tooth brush? thanks!!

lol i got everything except the eraser that suks

got 2 bucks? go buy 1. O-O

nice..I may try this.

awesome :)

#$%@ that #$%@, that would #$%@ your arm up or any up part of the body. lol

Coooool! Eventually you can give you and your friends hepatitus!

uh hepatitis

tattoo urself were no1 will see like the cock u dont have

i have every thing but the wire suff....

nvm i used something else awesome!

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