How To: Make a fake tattoo with a ballpoint pen

Make a fake tattoo with a ballpoint pen

Learn how to draw a 'Fake Tattoo' using a ballpoint pen and some colored highlighters, by watching this video. Begin by drawing a faint design of your choice at the back of your palm, using a ballpoint pen. Darken the outlines when you are done with the image drawn. Now according to your choice, fill colors in the drawing using colored green, blue, yellow and pink highlighters. Begin with the yellow color and blend it together with the other color applied in each area, using your fingers. Use a highlighter to cover up for mistakes and additional lines in the drawing. The drawing can be extended right up to your fore arm area, depending on the design chosen. Fill in the colors for the entire design. Brighten the design by reusing the highlighters on areas which appear dull. Once done, re-outline the entire design to add depth to the coloring. Your fake tattoo almost looks real and is bound to impress others for sure!

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