How To: Tattoo step-by-step

Tattoo step-by-step

This video is about how to tattoo. Once you make your choice of design, the tattoo artist traces the image. Next, he places the image on carbon paper and traces the image again to create a reverse image. He cleans the persons skin then firmly presses on the blueprint. Now its time to construct the needles. One is for outlining and the other is for coloring. The finished needles go in a machine to be cleaned. He places the needle in a Coil. When an electric current runs through the coil, it makes the needle move. The tattoo artist starts and stops it with a foot control. Some petroleum jelly on the skin makes the needle move more easily. The needle moves punctures the skin at a rate of up to 3000 times per minute interjecting ink which intermingle with the cells of the dermis. The artist continually wipes away the access ink to keep his area clean. After finishing the outline, he reapplies the petroleum jelly to prevent bleeding. Then he changes to the other needle and begins coloring and shading with a back and forth movement.

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