How To: tattoo


My body is my temple. This temple is scared of needles.

This excellent tutorial is as close as I need to get to a tattoo needle.

Before you make that drunken evening commitment...please watch this video. But for the truncated ending, this video is really complete.


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Wow, there is a lot of information in this video. Quite informative.

This is wrong on a few important points... and the artist isn't very good.

First, the angle of the needle keeps changing, up to 90 degrees, which draws ink back out. The needle should be kept at about a 45 degree angle (to the skin) so that the ink goes in & stays in the dermis (second layer). It may look good at first, but much of it probably will wash right off.

Using Vaseline or petroleum jelly is also a disputed point among artists - many claim that it draws out ink. I don't know for sure, but it seemed to work to correct a slight slip in one of the first I ever did (that was intentional globbing, not sure if a light coat would work the same). Some recommend moisturizers & such first, I dunno beyond that, though lubing the skin seems like it might be a good Idea, so long as it doesn't mix with or coat the ink itself.

They also don't mention depth at all, that I noticed, nor how far the needle should stick out of the tube.

Most importantly, though, covering with plastic wrap is a bad Idea from all I've seen, heard & read. It traps bacteria and doesn't allow the skin to "breathe". The best thing is to cover it with ointment (A&D works fine & is much cheaper than the specialty stuff) and gauze for a few hours. Then you wash it & keep reapplying ointment, leaving the gauze off...

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