How To: Make a tattoo machine

Make a tattoo machine

Somewhere in between prison tats and a professional tattoo gun, comes the tattoo machine in this how-to video. You will need a tape deck motor, a stereo fly wheel, a 12 volt charger with different settings, a bobby pin hair clip, a brace, a wide pen, and a screw. Since most of these parts are scavenged from around the home, this is a cheap tattoo machine that still produces relatively good quality results. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to build a tattoo machine gun.

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It's really helpful thanks now it'll make my dream come true :-p

Just one question umm..!! as u said in this video that u have to change every parts on a new tattoo so,is there any necessary to change motor or holder again n again.What is the sync of these thing with tattoo

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