How To: Give yourself a tattoo

Give yourself a tattoo

This video will show you just exactly how you can go about tattooing yourself at home. There's not a lot that is cooler than a home made tattoo.

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dude what drugs were u on

you are a #$%@in idiot get i life home made tattoos are #$%@ you prick

wtf, that isn't dangerous at all.. *sarcasm*

pain is nothing..
this is fun. nice tattoo btw

I did my own #$%@ piercing and my tattoo's this is MINOR...I think that tattoo is awesome!

common dude you can spare the 5 bucks it would cost to get some millenium black tattoo in or any reputable tattoo ink. No Gloves sitting on your bed pretty impossible to make things sterile when there is bactiria that thrives in carpets, beds, and anything else that is a fabric. Just a little thought would have completely changed that tattoo lets see the year picture of it or even better yet the 5 and 10 year picture.

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