How To: Use a tattoo thermal fax copier machine

Use a tattoo thermal fax copier machine

In this video Element Tattoo Supply offers information on how to transfer tattoo art from regular paper to carbon paper for the use of transferring the image to clients skin. For this operation they used a fax copier machine. The first step would be to remove the protective sheet in the carbon paper to allow for transfer. Then you would slide the carbon sheet into the back of the printer underneath the flap ensuring the flap slides back into place. The next step would be to insert the regular paper image side down into the printer and press the print button. The way the machine feeds the papers through should leave you would a clean image transfer onto the carbon paper.

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i need help with my stencil machine . im using a fax style machine but i get a line going through my stencils . does anyone know if there is a way i can clean up my machine?

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